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Ciao! It is coming up on one month in beautiful Firenze. I absolutely love this city. It is small enough that you can walk everywhere but big enough that I am always finding new places. Just this morning my roommates and I found a great breakfast spot with the best pancakes I've had yet! You can't go wrong w
I did it. I successfully survived my first week in København. From renting my bike to getting a Danish SIM card, I finally feel settled in and at “home”. And from my first week, all I can say is “wow”. This is beyond amazing! I live in Brønshøj, which is about 30 minutes west of København city
I got my student handbook in the mail a few days ago... and then I ended up reading all of it that night. I was looking at maps of Copenhagen on Google... and ended up exploring the city with their Street View for a few hours. Then I started looking at all that I’ll need to prepare before leaving to stud
Fiji Islands
Where do I even begin, let’s start with the simple initial idea of me even considering going on this epic journey. I was in my integrated social science class in Michigan State University, the most funniest, sarcastic professor’s I have encounter in the university. He convinced me to go along
Tomorrow we leave Kenya and I do not want to leave! I have learned so much here, from cultural: foods, history, agriculture, language, and simplicity. Kenya is a great peaceful and joyous place that Americans loves to exploit or misconstrue as a poor disabled people and that is not true. For example thi
Week 2 Kilfif, Kenya This week was a little challenging and a little annoying. The word is shut off for three days and I am alright with that because the maintenance people are doing their best to try to fix the situation but the people here with me are doing a lot of complaining and its beginning to be ve